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Majority of our homes today are heated with either boilers or furnaces. In the case of furnaces, air is been heated by furnaces, and the heat is being distributed evenly through ducts to aid circulation in the house. The distribution of steam is done through pipes for steaming radiators while the distribution of hot water…
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The process of heat removal and transfer from a reservoir of low temperature to a reservoir of high temperature is known as Refrigeration. By tradition, transfer of heat is driven through mechanical means, but the drive can also be by heat, laser, electricity, magnetism, or other means. Refrigeration can be applied as household refrigerators, cryogenics,…
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Plumbing Services in Fort McMurray

Plumbing serves two main and major purposes in a building which are – to supply water into the structure for human consumption and the removal of all form of wastewater. Plumbing system generally is a composite network of water supply pipes, vent pipes, drainpipes, and others. It is imperative to know that plumbing works is…
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Heating and air conditioning

What is the Difference Between HVAC and Air-Conditioning

Let’s start by dissecting the acronyms of HVAC and AC. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. While AC stands for air conditioning. An HVAC system can both heat and cool your home. Whereas, an AC unit strictly cools your home. You may also run into a system that is split, meaning that the…
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Clean Air in Fort McMurray

10 Tips for Home Indoor Air Quality

It is very important for you to maintain your HVAC system in order to have good air quality. If you do not change filters or clean your ducts you could be blowing around dirty air particles and dust inside your home. Many residents are less likely to open their windows due to theft, noise, and…
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ac filters

How to Help Keep AC from Affecting Your Health

As the heat and humidity begin to take over it is hard to imagine what we did before air conditioning. It is very easy for us to walk over to the thermostat and turn on the AC but what is it doing to your health? Poorly maintained and out-dated AC systems have been found to…
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hvac repair

How to choose the best HVAC repair service?

Your HVAC system is one of the costliest systems you have in your home. Since it is very expensive you want to ensure that it is running properly. It would be beneficial for your system and your wallet for you to schedule routine maintenance and checks. You may be comfortable with a simple filter change…
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Air Conditioner Start-up and Maintenance Service

Summer is almost here, and now is the time to get your AC unit fired up and ready to keep you cool this summer! Let one of our certified technicians do a full service maintenance and care plan including checks on your refrigerant level, compressor check up and fan operation also we’ll clean the condenser…
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