How to Help Keep AC from Affecting Your Health

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How to Help Keep AC from Affecting Your Health

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As the heat and humidity begin to take over it is hard to imagine what we did before air conditioning. It is very easy for us to walk over to the thermostat and turn on the AC but what is it doing to your health?

Poorly maintained and out-dated AC systems have been found to be related to certain health conditions as well as respiratory infections. However, it is very easy to protect your health due to modern technology and new AC systems.

Since AC systems are everywhere, our cars, homes, camper trailers, and businesses. It is very easy to maintain and repair your system if needed. AC is still very expensive, but it has become a commonality in many homes making it more affordable for the average family to indulge in its luxury.

In order to keep your system from affecting your health, you should have a duct cleaning service come to your home to inspect your ventilation systems.

You will want to do this when you see things like mould, dust, and debris. It will depend on the type of system how often you will need this service. Some people get it done once a year, but it is easy to view the ventilation system to judge if you need to hire a company to clean your ducts.

To ensure that you are not blowing unwanted allergens throughout your home it would be beneficial to change the filters of your system when needed. You should also check the blowing wheel or fan for stuck on dust. Give it a wipe if you smell a dirty wet sock odour. If your using a simple window AC unit, ensure that it is cleaned when necessary and properly sealed with the frame of the window.

If you are unsure of how to clean your AC system you can check the instruction manual of your system for cleaning care guidelines or give your local HVAC repair company a call for best results.

Quick Guide to Protecting Your Health From Your AC System:

  • Close the blinds and curtains in your home to lessen the amount of heat getting into your home
  • Change filters when needed, usually every 3 months for a central air unit or once a month if the system is on all the time
  • Keep your ceiling fans on around the house and on for the AC system
  • Keep your windows open as much as possible to flush out unwanted air pollutants
  • Ensure that you get an HVAC company to perform maintenance checks when necessary
  • If your AC is well-maintained it should last about 15 years. However, if your AC needs repair after 10 years it would be more cost effective to just replace it.
  • Set a timer for your AC to turn-off when you are not home

These are some small steps to take when you are using your AC unit or if you are thinking of having the system installed by your HVAC contractor. Your AC does have the potential to affect your health if it is not managed properly. Your health is important, make sure you take care of your AC unit to eliminate the risks.

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