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Majority of our homes today are heated with either boilers or furnaces. In the case of furnaces, air is been heated by furnaces, and the heat is being distributed evenly through ducts to aid circulation in the house. The distribution of steam is done through pipes for steaming radiators while the distribution of hot water is made possible through radiant floor systems or baseboard radiators. Air can also be heated via a coil. The level of operation of steam boilers is very high compared to that of hot water boilers. Currently, variants of all kinds of boilers and furnaces that are highly-efficient are available now in Fort McMurray. Whether you want to engage in new installations or repair of heating systems, do not hesitate to contact us for we offer cost-effective heating solutions in Fort McMurray.

The efficiency rating or measurement of a central furnace or boiler is done by AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). AFUE measures the efficiency rate of heating appliances in the conversion of fuel energy to heat energy over a period of a typical year. All electric boiler or furnace has an AFUE rating of 95% to 100%. All-electric boilers or furnaces are uneconomical due to the fact that electricity is much costly in most parts of the country.

Retrofitting your boilers is done to increase its efficiency. There is always an improvement in safety, and efficiency if retrofitting upgrade is properly carried out. Retrofitting cost is advised to be compared to the cost of getting a new boiler. Replacing your heating systems opens an opportunity for installation of incorporated equipment of heating technologies that are energy-efficient. We can help you out as we offer heating solutions for all types of heating services you require. We will also furnish you with more details on the retrofitting of boilers or furnaces.

If your boiler is worn out, old, significantly oversized, or inefficient, replacing it with a modern model of high efficiency is the least solution you can think of. The efficiency of newer systems can still be questioned because they can be oversized at times and modification can be carried out on them to reduce their operating capacity. Before purchasing a new furnace or boiler, or before you engage in the modification of the existing units, first put in every effort in making your home energy-efficient, then call on a heating contractor in Fort McMurray to size your furnace. Improving energy efficiency will save you money than what must have been spent on a new boiler or furnace because a smaller unit can be bought. A well-sized boiler or furnace will perform the most efficient operation, and you will want to compare your choice of dependable unit checking the warranties of each boiler or furnace considered. It is advisable you invest in heating systems of high efficiency if you reside in a cold climate because an extra investment is often required in milder climates.

Furnace or boiler that is a sealed-combustion unit aids in bringing outside air into the burner without deviation and exhaust flue gases, which are combustion products, directly outside without a draft hood or damper involvement. Heated air is being drawn by unsealed combustion boilers or furnaces into the unit for combustion, and that air is being sent up through the Chimney (smoke passage) which in turns carry the energy waste used in heating the air. This particular process is being avoided by sealed-combustion units, and it also poses no risk in the introduction of harmful combustion gases into your home. Backdrafting of combustion can pose a higher threat in boilers that are unsealed-combustion units.

In general, sealed-combustion units that are highly-efficient produce an exhaust gas that is acidic which is unsuitable for unlined, old chimneys. The solution to this can be done by making the chimney to be lined to contain the acidic gas or make the exhaust gas to be vented via a new duct.

Furnaces and Boilers maintenance can only be provided by heating system professional in Fort McMurray. Check your chimney and the vent connection pipe’s condition. Some of the venting system parts might have started deteriorating over time. Fixing chimney can attract a higher cost, and that may require you to install a new set of system that will not require the use of the existing chimney. Check the heat exchanger and look out for its physical integrity. It’s very easy to locate the leaky boiler heat exchangers. For safety reasons, your furnace heat exchangers must be inspected because it tends to mix up the air with combustion gases when it starts to leak. You can always adjust the furnace or boiler for the provision of optimum air and water temperature settings for comfort and efficiency.

Are you considering installing new heating systems, retrofitting, or replacing your old or weak heating systems? Contact us to carry out an efficient combustion test on them. We are a group of experienced heating systems technician. Our heating systems include unit heaters, boilers, exhaust, packaged units, make-up air units, and a split system. Whether you want to engage in new installations or repair of heating systems, do not hesitate to contact us for we offer cost-effective heating solutions in Fort McMurray.

Let’s put you through on the types of heating systems and electric resistance heaters that will be suitable, durable, and efficient in your house.

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