10 Tips for Home Indoor Air Quality

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10 Tips for Home Indoor Air Quality

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It is very important for you to maintain your HVAC system in order to have good air quality. If you do not change filters or clean your ducts you could be blowing around dirty air particles and dust inside your home. Many residents are less likely to open their windows due to theft, noise, and energy costs. So, it will be better to know that your system is running safely for the whole family.

If you’re concerned that your home may not be providing adequate indoor air quality here are some tips you can use for your home.

  1. Change your filters for your HVAC system every 3 months or every month if your system in on 24/7.
  2. Ventilate your home by opening windows, turn ceiling fans on, and turn on your HVAC system fan.
  3. Wash your sheets and clothes as often as you can so that dust doesn’t accumulate to those materials.
  4. You can add houseplants that function as air cleaners and they make your home look nice.
  5. Change all of your harsh cleaning products to eco-friendly.
  6. To keep your home clean from a dust build-up you should conduct cleanings of your home on a regular basis and a few big clean over the year.
  7. If you don’t already have an air exchanger you should look at purchasing one for your furnace. In short, an air exchanger brings fresh air into your home while pushing the stale air out. This may sound expensive, but it can be done with minimal heat loss, saving you money.
  8. Choose filters such as HEPA for your vacuum and furnace filters as they are known to be the best when eliminating toxins, allergens, and dust from the air.
  9. If you have a pet you should bathe him or her on a regular basis, if possible. Take the dog or cat to the groomer when necessary. Since there is a large amount of pet hair in the air it would be best to clean the house more often to keep the air quality levels up.
  10. If you live in an older home with curtains and carpet you should try to eliminate that material as much as possible. You should ditch your old curtains and use blinds instead but ensure that you give them a quick wipe here and again. Carpet contains sticky fibres and your vacuum may just be cleaning the top layer of carpet, holding allergens deep into the fibres. Depending on your budget you should trash your stinky carpet and get laminate or hardwood flooring.

These tips can be used in any home, for any family, and can work within your budget. If you have made all of these changes and are still concerned about your air quality, you can purchase an air quality kit for your home. This will be the true test to see if your home needs a change or a repair to the HVAC system.

These tests can be bought at your local hardware stores or online at Amazon.ca. You are sure to have a well-maintained HVAC system and sufficient air quality if you make these changes for your home.

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